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Orlando Sock Company Breaks World Record for the Most Expensive Pair of Socks

Rock ‘Em Socks unveils their $5,000, 24-karat Gold Socks, setting a new world record as the “Most Expensive Pair of Socks on Earth”

ORLANDO FL (April 1, 2019) - Orlando based sock brand Rock 'Em Socks takes a step into the history books today, releasing what they dub the "Most Expensive Pair of Socks on Earth." The socks, which are made of pure 24 karat Gold, are a unique 1 of 1 luxury item that retail for a record-shattering $5,000.

Rob Starkman, founder of Rock 'Em Socks, explains the painstaking measure his team went to execute the project.

"At Rock 'Em, we make it a point to source the best material from across the World. We had searched for 3 years to partner with someone that could help us realize this vision. A vision of socks worthy of being in a museum, sought after by collectors world-wide" a determined Starkman explains. "Copper socks have been on the market for years. Silver yarn is often used in socks for anti-microbial treatment.  But no one had ever made a pair of socks with this precious of a material. We aim to always be first on foot, and with this project, we struck gold."

The opulent pair arrives on a custom shaped wooden base, sourced from material that is said to be as old as 3,500 years. A matching 24 karat Gold placard proudly displays the World-Record, and will be meticulously laser engraved to feature the rightful owner's name and accolade.

Previous record holders hover in the $1500 range for a pair of socks, but have a limited life when worn. Being that gold is a natural element, Rock 'Em further adds that these socks could "theoretically last for billions of years", which would also qualify them as the Universe's Longest Lasting Socks.

While released on April 1st, this isn't a story of fool's gold. Senior VP Steve Rollins explains the release of the socks came down to a scheduling decision.

"We sell over 10,000 styles of socks, much of them being in the sports-licensed space. With our March Madness and WrestleMania releases happening this week, Monday April 1st was a perfect date to unveil the most ambitious project in the history of the sock industry."

The pair is available now via their website RockEmSocks.com, and will be the only pair made available to the general public.